December 30, 2022 06:13 PM

Benefits of Owning a Pergola

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

The most magnificent way to utilize the benefits of nature is to make use of your outdoor living spaces. Your home is not only limited to the living space inside, but includes your entire outdoor living space, as well. Your garden is one of the most important parts of your living space. You can transform your garden, restaurant, hotel, pool side area or deck into a comfortable living space all year round. Improving the comfort and beauty of your outdoor living space can seem challenging, but with Pergola you can create the living space you desire without spending a great fortune.

Pergola Systems continue to increase its popularity day by day. 

The Pergola products are collapsible systems known for their durability, high quality and resistance to different weather conditions. The Pergola products combine the best materials and technology to help you take advantage of your outdoor space. For all our Pergola products, Serge Ferrari brand of fabric is used. These fabrics are waterproof, fire-retardant, remote-controlled and have special coatings. Besides, they are produced with optional brightness-adjustable Samsung LED light. The Pergola products can be used in gardens, balconies, cafes, verandas, pool side areas and many other areas without roofs. If you are looking for the flexibility to customize it to your imagination, a Pergola can be the perfect complement to your outdoor living space. 

We have examined the intended use of the pergola products and their area of utilization. In every field it is widely preferred because of the advantages it offers, of course. If you lack knowledge of the extra advantages offered by Pergola systems, lose no time and continue reading our blog post.

The Benefits of Pergola Systems

• While Pergola system protects you from the sun in summer with its special Serge Ferrari fabric, it also protects you from the rain in winter with its waterproof structure. Pergola systems protect you from other weather events except very strong winds and snowfalls. However, when you match the glass systems around your Pergola and support this system with a heater, you can provide protection during four seasons.

• Pergola adds value to your home, it is an investment to buy a pergola. All of our aluminium profiles have a wide range of colours and Pulver branded powder coated and stainless materials are used. The brand of Würth and special inox screws used in the pergola assembly are an advantage in the use of the system for many years. Outdoors have value, and the more quality and durable the space is, the better.

• As it is known, the lightings are positioned on the ceilings under normal conditions. Pergola systems can also be considered as a ceiling system and these systems have their own earmark lighting. With these lightings, businesses do not need to use an extra light source. Both a stylish look is created and the cost is reduced.

• Somfy Altus RTS engine is used in the Pergola system, which is very easy to install and use. It can be connected to the smart home system by pairing it with the remote control or your phone for easy movement. It is possible to use Pergola systems without electricity upon your request. Manual motor can be included in the system and the Pergola system can be switched without the use of electricity.

• Designed according to your needs and imagination, pergola products offer practically unlimited possibilities by creating unique outdoor spaces that fit your demands perfectly.

• It creates a comfortable outdoor living space for you and your loved ones. If you want, you can have your system covered with glass and turn it into a folding winter garden. In this way, you can enjoy the winter with your loved ones as if you are outdoors in winter.

Don't wait for the season to feel the comfort, because Comfort is in Schildr Quality, Not in Season... 

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